Mechanical lower back pain is pain which remains for between four and six week. With this condition, the pain may be referred to as idiopathic low back pain or lumbar syndrome.

The cause of mechanical lower back pain can only be identified in roughly twenty percent of cases. There is sometimes a direct source found such as strenuous activity or a trauma. Eighty percent of the time though, there is no specific source of pain located. The good news is that most people will recover in a short period of time with simple treatment.

The term implies that the source is the spine or the supporting back structure. The surrounding ligaments and muscles may react to the issue with pain or spasms.

The most common symptoms are lower back pain. The pain can spread to the thighs and buttocks. Some people also experience spasms in their lower back. The symptoms are often more noticeable when you lift heavy objects or flex your back.

Your pain management specialists of Atlanta can diagnose this by evaluating your medical history and conducting a physical exam. The Atlanta pain clinic does not often require additional tests once you have been diagnosed with mechanical back pain. The only reason additional tests may be involved such as a CT scan, x rays, or an MRI is if your pain management specialist of Atlanta suspects a pinched nerve, infection, or malignancy.

Treatment is often non-surgical with pain killers and limited rest. You may take a physical therapy program for persistent pain, but this is up to you and your doctor at the Atlanta pain clinic.

Bed rest may be advised for severe pain and spasms. Often bed rest is not advised for more than 48 hours.
Physical activity may be suggested to promote rapid recovery. You may be encouraged to maintain a regular schedule if the pain is mild or moderate.

Ice and heat may be advised to decrease inflammation in your muscles and help them relax. Most patients will apply the ice or the heat for twenty minutes and then switch to the other. For some people, only one application is necessary per day but many do it two or three times per day.

If you are enduring muscle spasms then you may be prescribed a muscle relaxer. You can also take non sterodial anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen to reduce the pain.

Physical therapy may be promoted to help you heal quickly. Active physical therapy can help you to return to your regular routine faster.

If you suffer from mechanical lower back pain, it is recommended that you return to work as soon as you can. If you cannot conduct your regular duties it is in your best interest to return to a lighter or restricted duty for a limited amount of time. Many people are hesitant to return to work because they are afraid of re-injuring themselves. But with proper treatment the risk of this is quite small.

People suffering from mechanical lower back pain have a great prognosis for recovery. Many people respond to treatment quickly and are free from pain in a matter of weeks.